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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I know if I'm picking the right colors?

For helpful information, refer to our Guidelines page to see what colors are best for you.


Are any of your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not.  Our products are not tested on animals nor made from any animal products or byproducts.


Where do you get your cosmetics?

Using over ten different manufacturers, Michelle Cosmetics selects the best professional grade products on the market today.  By selling factory direct, we then bring these department-store quality products to you for a fraction of the cost.


How can you sell such high-quality cosmetics at such reasonable prices?

Much of a department store's cost includes training of sales staff, advertising, over-packaging, and promotional items.  These are all contributing factors to the extreme mark-up of their cosmetics.


I usually buy my makeup at the drug store - what makes your products better?

Many manufacturers, in order to keep their cost down, use less pigment in their blushes, shadows, powders, foundations, and lipsticks.  Instead of the full concentration of pigment, fillers are used.  This results in a much lower quality cosmetic that doesn't go on as smoothly and evenly, look as vibrant, or last as long throughout the day.


What if I'm unhappy with something I've purchased?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  We realize that purchasing anything online can be a bit intimidating.  Often products look different once you get them home.  For this reason we have a no-questions-asked return policy (within 30 days).  It is our confidence in the quality of our products and our commitment to customer satisfaction that has allowed us to maintain this policy. Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for complete details.



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