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Skin Types - to determine your skin type, see our guide below.

Tip:  Find your skin type and then choose one item from each of these basics:  Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, and Moisturize.  Then, add the extras that you need to give you a complete and personalized skin care system:  Masques, AHA Treatments, Eye Treatments, and Oil Control products.  On the product pages, look for the color-coding to find which product is right for you.


To Determine Your Skin Type:

1.  Wash your face with a skin cleanser, then rinse and pat dry.

2.  Wait 30 minutes.

3.  Take a close look at the skin all over your face. Note the skin around your eyes, the size of the pores, the amount of oil-shine, the skin on your forehead, the skin on your nose.  Open a tissue fully and place it on your face, gently applying pressure. Note the areas (if any) on the tissue that have absorbed oil.

* Normal

1.  Smooth and firm to touch
2.  Pores are barely noticeable, except on the central panel, where they may be slightly larger
3.  Not particularly oily or dry
4.  A few expression lines around mouth, eyes, and perhaps on throat
5.  Skin has a slight glow, translucence, looks healthy

* Dry

1.  Fine texture
2.  Lines around eyes, mouth, chin
3.  Skin may have a taut feeling
4.  Skin hardly ever breaks out
5.  Skin is quite fair, flaky, thin, not shiny
6.  Skin always burns (if not protected)

* Oily

1.  Shine starts to appear after cleansing
2.  Large pores, especially around the nose, chin, forehead
3.  Few facial lines
4.  Occasional blemishes, may have black heads or white heads
5.  Skin is supple, firm

* Acne Prone

1.  Skin is continually breaking out
2.  Blemishes and scars
3.  Pores are enlarged (chin, nose, forehead)
4.  Skin may have a muddy, gray appearance
5.  Spots seem to be slow to heal
6.  Skin may be very oily or very dry (surface)


1.  Skin is dry
2.  Tiny veins show through cheeks, nose
3.  Skin has lines; is flaky
4.  Sensitive to cold, heat, and wind
5.  Sensitive to perfume products
6.  Unable to use astringent

* Mature

1.  Neck may look "creepy"
2.  Muscle around eye, mouth, and beneath jaw tend to sag
3.  Burns easily (if not protected)
4.  Texture is rough, flaky (if not moisturized constantly)
5.  Deep lines around mouth, crows-feet around eyes, puffiness above/below eyes
6.  Lines across forehead
7.  Skin has lost elasticity


Skin Coloring

A simple system to help you find your coloring:




Favorite Clothing Colors


* Cool - Those with Cool coloring generally have:
Shades of Blue, Dark Brown, or Black Platinum Blonde (many were tow-heads in their youth), Ash Blonde, Brown, Black, Silver Grey, or Salt & Pepper White, Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Black, Purple, Silver
* Warm - Those with Warm coloring generally have:
Shades of Green, Hazel, or Brown Golden Blonde, Golden Brown, Strawberry Blonde, Red, Blonde-Grey, or Reddish-Brown Cream, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Coral, Gold
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