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Tip: Using a makeup sponge to apply foundation ensures a smooth and even finish   Check out our moisturizers with sunscreen Tip: For best results when applying cake eyeliner, use our exclusive Extra Fine Liner Brush
  Tip: Use a masque once a week to renew and rejuvenate Tip: Facials are great but it's not what you do once a month or week that makes skin great - it's your daily routine  
Tip: To avoid an uneven, streaky look when applying blush, use a large full brush rather than a small compact brush For a great tan without aging your skin, check out our self-tanning products   Tip: Don't be afraid to experiment with lipliners. You can alter the shade of a lipstick just by changing the color of your lipliner


Tip: Choose a foundation color that matches your face color, not your hands or neck    
Tip: Conceal before you apply foundation - this helps give a smoother, more natural look   Try our Kabuki Powder Brush with all of our powders Tip: Apply eyeliner first and then your eye shadow for a softer, more blended look 
  For lasting lip color, try our Stolen Kisses Lip Sealer    

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